Mini-Split Heat Pump Rebates

Mitsubishi heat pump
Mitsubishi heat-pump. Rebates for these systems are $500 from Mass Save and $625 from MassCEC .

Mass Save offers residential customers of program sponsors rebates for purchasing and installing mini-split heat pumps that meet certain energy efficiency standards.

What is a Mini-Split Heat Pump?

A mini-split system is composed of two components: an outdoor condensing unit and one or more indoor air handling units, connected by a conduit through your wall. They usually have no ducts, but can sometimes have a short duct system. Mini-split heat pumps can produce cooling for the summer months and heating in the winter months.

What you should know…

  • Mini-split heat pumps can be installed by any MA licensed HVAC contractor
  • As with any home improvement, it is good practice to obtain quotes from multiple contractors.
  • Typical objectives of installing a Mini-split heat pump can include:
    • Reduce the amount of heat supplied by Oil, Propane or Electric Resistance
    • Heating and cooling an individual room
    • Heating and cooling the whole house
  • Regardless of your objective, be clear about understanding what sized unit is right for your space, and how your mini-split heat pump will perform in freezing temperatures.

How the Mini-Split Rebate Program Works:

  1. Contact your HVAC contractor to determine which HVAC equipment is right for your home.
  2. Have your contractor review the mail-in Mini-Split Heat Pump Rebate Application with you.
    When the work is completed, fill out and submit the form. To submit online, go to
Seasonal Energy
Efficiency Ratio
Energy Efficiency
Heating Seasonal
Performance Factor
$250 Mini-
Split Heat Pump
≥18 NA ≥9
$500 Mini-
Split Heat Pump
≥20 NA ≥11

Note: Mini-Split cooling-only units are not eligible.

Also MassCEC offers rebates to homeowners who install qualifying air-source heat pumps (ASHP), which provide highly efficient electrical heating and cooling. This program is part of MassCEC’s Clean Heating and Cooling program, which supports technologies that provide customer cost-savings and environmental benefits while maintaining a high level of comfort and reliability.

Mini-Split Heat Pump Rebates
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  • June 29, 2016 at 3:51 pm

    I’d never heard of heat pump systems before, so this was an interesting read. I think having a small unit that can provide heat in the winter and cooling in the summer is a pretty awesome idea, honestly. The fact that there are some businesses offering rebates for the same type of technology makes it an even easier choice. Thanks for sharing!


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