For homeowners in need of a new air conditioning unit, it’s important to consider when the best time to install is. There’s a lot to be said about the perfect window of opportunity, but the truth is, each season has its own pros and cons and they change depending on your needs. Still, there are more favorable times than others and it’s wise to take them into consideration. Contrary to popular belief, winter isn’t the best time to purchase and install and air conditioner, as it’s similar to summer with its high demand. In most cases, the off-season is the best time. For an air conditioner, spring is the perfect time to make these upgrades and there’s more than one reason why this mild season can work to your advantage. As the season right before the heat hits, installing your air conditioning unit in spring means you’ll be prepared for whatever summer has in store. Not only that, it can actually save you money and hassle in a number of different ways.

Why Spring Is the Best Time to Replace Your AC UnitAvoid the Summer Rush

If you’re looking to beat the heat, it may seem logical to wait until the summer comes before you begin thinking about installing your AC unit. But if you’re familiar with the market, you know that’s the last time you want to be dealing with your HVAC needs. In the spring, there are fewer buyers in the market and that will work to your advantage in a couple of ways. Not only will you be able to find better deals, but you’ll also have more professionals available at your disposal and as a result, better customer service and support. Summer, unfortunately, runs rampant with homeowners looking to purchase, repair or install new units and it’s easy to find yourself paying higher prices and experiencing longer wait times for your installation. With the increase in demand, it should be no surprise that prices increase, too. For this reason, alone, it’s a great idea to get a head start, make a deal and install your unit early.

It should also be noted that taking the seasonal temperature into consideration can help immensely. If your region is experiencing an unseasonably warm spring, for example, you can be sure the rush will start much earlier than you may anticipate. In this case, an early spring installation is ideal.

Save Money Over the Summer Months

Summer is when you’ll be needing your air conditioning the most, but as the temperature inside goes down, you’ll notice the price of utilities will go up. With your AC unit working overtime to keep your home cool, it’s no wonder your costs increase, but if you’re still running that out-of-date unit, you’ll notice it more than others. By installing a new AC unit in spring, however, you’ll be fully equipped to cool your home in an economical and efficient way. Rather than paying higher prices for inefficient cooling or requiring a repair mid-summer when it’s tough to schedule a service call, installing a unit in the spring means you’ll be set for the warmest months for years to come, all while cutting costs.

Plenty of Time to Do Research

As the summer sets in, it’s not uncommon for many homeowners to scramble as they try to prepare their air conditioning units for the coming heat. Whether that’s by installing a new unit or hiring an HVAC contractor to do maintenance or repairs, one thing is certain: it’s a busy time in the HVAC market. As a result, some homeowners may feel rushed when they’re suddenly tasked with finding a replacement A/C. If you’re smart, though, you’ll take the spring time to do some research. By preparing yourself early with knowledge of prices and installation services, you’ll have no trouble getting what you need before the summer rush makes it much more difficult. You’re also more likely to leverage a deal—since you don’t need the air conditioner at that exact moment, you’ll be better able to strike a favorable deal with a contractor who needs to make a sale.

Buy In the Off-Season, Install In the Spring

While many homeowners will opt to buy and install their AC unit at the same time, there’s no rule that says it has to be done this way. In fact, for many, buying in the off-season and installing later has its perks. For one, it ensures that homeowners will be able to find the best deals. Without worrying that it has to be installed right away, buying at any time means that when you find a great priced unit, you can go ahead and make the purchase. If that happens to be during the winter or fall, that’s ok—opt to have it installed in the spring and you’ll not only get the unit at its most affordable, but you’ll get it installed before HVAC contractors become backlogged with service calls and other installations.


Learning how the HVAC market works and adapting to it can help you receive the best deals on your air conditioner and its installation. Off-season will always be better than on-season and after seeing the high demand that summer and winter experience, you’ll quickly see why. For an AC, spring carries with it so many benefits and it will help ease a lot of stress leading into the summer months. With lower prices and better customer service, you can feel confident purchasing or installing your air conditioning unit in the spring.

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Why Spring Is the Best Time to Replace Your AC Unit
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