Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioner Installation

Ductless air conditioning systems offer reduced operating costs, low noise levels and exceptional comfort. Since a ductless air conditioner installation is not hampered by a cumbersome and unwieldy air distribution network, architects and engineers are free to exercise their creativity in designing room additions, conversions and entire buildings.

By eliminating the materials and labor associated with installing ductwork, ductless air conditioner cost is usually competitive with conventional central heating and cooling systems. After calculating maintenance and operating expenses, most homeowners have found their ductless air conditioner price was very reasonable.

The Advantages of Ductless Systems

HVAC equipment buyers are becoming increasingly aware of the many advantages associated with ductless heat pumps and air conditioners.

  • Versatility: Ductless systems can be installed in almost any living space. Mini-splits are particularly well suited for room additions, garage conversions and areas requiring supplemental cooling or heating. Multi-zone systems can satisfy the requirements of an entire building and provide levels of tailored comfort unavailable with conventional systems.
  • Greater Efficiency: A ductless wall mounted air conditioner provides point-of-use conditioned air without the thermal efficiency loss normally associated with complicated duct systems.
  • Greater Comfort: In addition to saving energy, ductless zoning concepts also enhance indoor comfort. Each individual air handler has a separate remote, so the temperature of every room can be adjusted to meet the personal preference of each occupant.


HVAC equipment is complex, and a ductless installation should always be done by a licensed, professional heating and cooling dealer. Mitsubishi Electric contractors have the expertise and qualifications required to complete intricate electrical connections and apply the correct refrigerant charge. A substandard installation can void the factory warranty and permanently damage the equipment. Qualified contractors are trained and certified to install ductless air conditioners, so they perform to the manufacturer’s exact specifications. Contact Vasi Now !

Find a Local Installer and Schedule an In-Home Consultation

While ductless split systems are popular in many industrialized nations, some U.S. consumers are unfamiliar with the technology. A local Mitsubishi Electric contractor can provide information on different equipment options and explain the various stages of the ductless AC installation process. In addition to establishing the appropriate ductless sizing, comfort specialists can help identify other methods to improve the overall efficiency of the building envelope.

Select and Size Your System

Before choosing the equipment, a qualified HVAC contractor will run a comprehensive set of calculations to determine the exact load requirements for each room in the building. Indoor air handler enclosures are offered in half ton increments up to 2 ½ total capacity. Outdoor condensers are matched with indoor units to satisfy the total combined load. Establishing the proper capacity is critical in maximizing comfort, efficiency and humidity control.

Install the Outdoor Unit

The installation of the outdoor condenser begins by selecting a suitable site that is free of obstructions and encroachments. To reduce noise, the unit should be located away from the living area, preferably outside an exterior garage wall. Pads can either be made of poured concrete, polyethylene or reinforced rubber. Unit connectors should always face the building, and vents must be clear of vegetation or other restrictions.

Run the Refrigerant Lines

The refrigerant lines are made from copper and usually insulated with a rubber or polyurethane foam product. They are often shielded by a protective conduit that runs in tandem with the power cable and condensate drain. The refrigerant lines, electrical wires and defrost wire run from the indoor air handler over to the condensing unit. The condenser and the indoor fan coil can be located up to 50 feet away with only a negligible loss of efficiency.

Install the Indoor Unit

Indoor units are installed in the ceiling or near the top of an interior wall, depending on the type of fan coil the customer chooses. A 3-inch hole should be drilled directly through an exterior wall to accommodate the refrigerant lines and electrical wiring. The unit is positioned over the hole, and couplings are attached to connect the outdoor and indoor units.

When the installation is completed, the refrigerant charge is set, and the system is tested to ensure it performs to design standards.

Enjoy Your Mitsubishi Electric System!

As homeowners consider a new AC system purchase, they are usually surprised by the comparatively low cost to install ductless air conditioning. In addition to greater comfort and superior efficiency, ductless mini-splits include several standard features such as advanced filtration, wireless remote controls and hard-wired thermostats.

Mitsubishi ductless split systems provide exceptional versatility designed to meet the heating and cooling requirements of a single room or an entire home. When considering an HVAC equipment purchase, we recommend exploring the many benefits of modern ductless technology.

Don’t Delay Your Comfort!

Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioner One Day Installation
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